Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Intended Audience

The target audience of this website is people who play video games. It has sections for all the major game platforms currently in use such as: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and 2, the Wii, and a few others.

Usefulness of Content

The content of this site is useful to those interested in playing or purchasing video games. It contains reviews and ratings of games, previews of upcoming games, walkthroughs, hints, cheats, images, forums, and more. As such, this site can be used in such various ways as helping someone beat the game he/she is playing or helping a potential gift-giver find out which games are good.

Consistency of Design

The design of this site is fairly consistent throughout. It has different color schemes for the different video game platforms. However, the navigation bar at the top is only somewhat consistent. It is consistent while on the main pages of each section. For example, the navigation bar on the "Reviews" page in the Xbox 360 section and the "Previews" page in the PC section is the same. However, when you select a particular review or preview, the layout of the navigation bar changes slightly. A general design issue this site tends to have is that its pages, especially the main pages for each section and the home page, have a cluttered look to them.

Ease of Navigation

This website is fairly easy to navigate. It has tabs corresponding to the different sections for the different video game platforms, and links to the different areas of content, such as "Reviews" below. Overall, I find it easy to get where I want to go on this site.

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