Friday, November 30, 2007

The History Channel

Intended audience:
Anyone seeking information on any of The History Channel’s programs; teachers looking for resources to use in their classrooms; individuals searching for mainstream videos of historical events.

Usefulness of content: Anything you would need to know about any of The History Channel’s television shows or movies can be found here. You can watch clips of the shows, view the schedule, or join a discussion group. I’m not sure how useful any of that really is, but that’s what the site is here for.

Consistency of design: The History Channel logo is featured every page. The links at the top of the page and the search bar are also consistently featured, but they’re not always styled the same way, which is a little disorienting. Also, the homepage is clunky. I like the videos, but there are too many on the homepage.

Ease of navigation: It’s easy enough to find information about a show or a video clip, but the site could be designed better. The link categories aren’t organized very well, so it’s not always clear where to look to find certain information. The search bar helps, though, and it’s easy to get back to the homepage from wherever you are.

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