Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paula Deen


Intended Audience:
  • Fans of Paula Deen's Cooking, her restaurant, Food Network, and/or Southern-style cooking
  • People looking for a recipe
Usefulness of Content:
  • Not absolutely necessary for anyone
  • Useful if one likes to cook and try new recipes-don't have to go out and buy a cookbook
  • Useful if someone likes Paula Deen and would like to meet her or buy something with her brand on it

Consistency of Design:
  • Four tabs across the top-two of them display one picture of Paula Deen in the header and one set of tabs down the left column and two of them display a different picture of her and a different set of tabs down the left and differnet outline of page
  • So it is a little inconsistent but within those top tabs the design is consistent whereever you navigate
  • Background color outside of page remains consistent throughout
Ease of Navigation:
  • Fairly easy-tabs are easily readable and easily interpreted
  • However because the tabs down the left side do not remain consistent sometimes you have to backtrack in order to go somewhere else within the site-this could be changed to make navigation easier
  • Website pages are mainly kept within the context of the moniter screen-not a lot of scrolling is needed-tabs also kept within the context of the moniter screen

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