Friday, November 23, 2007

This website,, is focused on providing tools for web designers who use CSS, javascript, and XHTML. It is a bilingual site, offering articles and guidelines in English and Czech, the author's native tongue. Visitors can browse the articles and tools. One very useful tool that I found is the color scheme generator. It makes suggestions for color combinations.

Intended Audience

The audience for this site consists of web developers of varying levels. It would be useful for anyone interested in CSS or someone who is working with CSS or XHTML.

Usefulness of Content

The content serves its purpose very well. The articles are easy to read and relatively easy to follow if you want to implement the hack yourself. You have to be willing to try out the suggestions to make them useful. They won't do much good if you just read about different capabilities, you must give them a whirl.

Consistency of Design

The site is consistent. Each page uses similar colors and design elements like lines and fonts.


Navigation is pretty simple. You can always get to the tool and article lists from the top toolbar. And for each article, the alternate text in the other language is in a light shade to the side of the main text. One click, and they change places and the text enlarges and becomes bolder.

Pretty cool overall. This site was recommended to me and I wanted to recommend it to everyone else in time for the projects to be finished.

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