Tuesday, November 27, 2007

House M.D. Fansite


This is a fan website for the television show “House M.D.”. In an attempt to avoid school work I’ve recently started watching House, starting with the first season.

Intended Audience: For dedicated fans of the show, maybe even for people who are mildly interested in learning more about the show. It doesn't look like it gets an enormous amount of traffic, a little under 1800 members. Is that a lot in internet land?

Usefulness of Content: I’d rate the content an 8 on a scale of 1-10. It doesn’t appear to be very up to date seeing as the show is in the 4th season and I don’t see much mentioned on this new season. The information about past seasons as well as information about the cast is very in depth though.

Consistency of Design: I enjoy the design of this web site perhaps because it employs the use of three columns as well as a horizontal column in the header which remains the same throughout the website. The only complaint about the header is that it is a bit too big and takes up a lot of space on my laptop screen. The colors are complimentary and the content is broken into manageable chunks, i.e. there isn’t too much verbiage. Maybe I have the attention span of a 3 year old because I am always congratulating sites which break information up.

Ease of Navigation: I could navigate through the site pretty easily. There are several menus on each page which remain the same as you visit different parts of the site. The site provides a search box which might prove to be useful.

Side Note: I was *this* close to writing about http://www.hughlaurie.net/ but I’m not that big of a fan… yet.

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