Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Southern Indiana Real Estate Services

Those in the market for RealEstate in Southern Indiana

Usefulness of Content:

Quite usefull; if the user can get past the poor design elements, the site appears to hold a good variety of real estate and associated regional info of concern to most purchasers, i.e.: schools; community info; other public buildings; etc.

Ease of Navigation:

It's rather interesting since the site uses the Metaphor style. They have a picture of a small city and you hover over things in the city that associate with your interest. The problem is that items in the picture are neither labeled, nor is it obvious which objects are clickable and which are not. Fortunately, they did choose to have a navigation bar as a backup, the only notable thing is that they put it at the bottom of the page rather than the top.

Additionally, they instituted almost no Accessability into the page. The text links are good because they do adjust in size, but there are no alt tags for blind users, and judging by the Navigation area code it would be reading the user a lot of garbage like brackets and such.

Consistency of Design:
Mediocre. There is one other page that uses a similar metaphor-style. Then most other pages use a consistant, though shotty-format. The org logo is so large that it takes up more than half the browser space and you have to scroll down on every page. The last page has a design all-its-own with yellow on white - yuck! It looks very amateur. They did well about including the following at the bottom of all pages, except the Homepage...of all places to leave out the Contact us, that would not be my choice: Home Site Policies Help Contact Us

Overall, it looks like it has good information, it just displays it very poorly; and for whomevers-sake, shrink the logo!

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