Sunday, November 25, 2007

SAM - Portable Storage

Intended Audience:
Movers! Perhaps more likely the transient community or those who are moving on a consistent basis; given the ability to hold onto the container if so desired.

Usefulness of Content:
Good Content. The site caters to its niche market and requests and gives the necessary information in order to deduce user necessities.
Although they do throw a handfull of dirt in your eyes on the first page (see pic) Info-Overload.
And - I know why I'm there and what the product does, I do not think a MOVIE on the first page is necessary.

Ease of Navigation:
Simple - Nav options are on the left (standard). Though if you goto the "Reserve" page you'll need to bust-out the trusty Back Arrow or click the logo for the Mainpage, because your navigation menu goes Missing.

Consistency of Design:
WIth the exception of the aforementioned RESERVE page it's rather consistent. I do not like the slight variation with the mainpage. They mainpage layout/nav area vary from the subpages. It also looks rather amateur. There first couple times i loaded a couple of the pages, not all of the CSS came through and it left black text on a very dark red background which was hard to read. It swapped to a grey background on Reload, but it was still a poor first impression.

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