Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Ophra Winfrey

Target Audience: Those interested in celebrities, reality shows, cosmetic technique, fashion intrigue, relationship improvement, self-introspect, food, Oprah BookClub, etc. The site is more favored by women in general. Deals with lots of issues and interests regarding women.

Usefulness of Content: The site offers lots of miscellaneous info on life in a broader sense. It covers from diet/food to societal change and improvement or issues/problems. This site provides down-to-earth, practical interests across all walks in life. If you're interested in diagnosing your relationship or you who you are, there are some links that direct you to another site that discusses the specific topic at hand: for example, "Are women better off alone? Marriage is no magic bullet for happiness, some say." Well, this is a disputable topic but an interesting read if you've got enough time.

Consistency of Design: The home page opens up a bit clustered with images and with no obvious site map that offers a bird-eye view of the overall components of the site. Clicking "thought for today," it directed me to the site map page with some content related to the link that I clicked; this page titled "Spirit and Self" does not look the same as the home page: Less clustered images, and more clear-cut look with all the major links on the left-side column and the content in the middle of the page. On that same page, if you click other major categories like Food and Home, it will consistently show the same layout. The color scheme follows the same as the home page: Prevalent colors are reddish orange throughout; major links are reddish/content links are greenish/bluish. Except the home page that I encountered, I would say the site is fairly consistent.

Ease of Navigation: Easy enough to browse and read. The site accommodates the search engine. If you are familiar enough with the content of the Oprah site, you can search whatever you like, pertaining to the topics the site tends to handle.

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