Friday, November 23, 2007

The Journal of Cell Biology

Intended audience: Scientists, doctors, med students, and anyone else with a solid grasp of the subject of cell biology; librarians who work for institutions that currently subscribe to or are considering subscribing to this journal.

Usefulness of content: For anyone who can understand the content on this site, it is endlessly useful. This site has all the latest info in the field of cell biology, as well as fully accessible archives (you have to subscribe to the journal to access the newest content). There’s also information about how to subscribe and instructions for authors who are considering submitting a manuscript to the journal.

Consistency of design: The design is boring but consistent. Every page has the same coloring and the same font, and the gray bar appears at the top of every page. The layout of the articles is also consistent.

Ease of navigation: The site is very simple to navigate. The gray navigation bar at the top of every page directs you to all of the major pages. The homepage is bland, but the layout is clean. All the links on the right side are clearly worded and easily accessible, and all of the information you would need can be found by clicking on one of those links.

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